Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Silent Auction

Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation
November 2022
08:00 AM PST
December 2022
07:34 PM PST

About Our Auction

Join us for a festive night of friendship, holiday shopping, auction bidding, wine, bites and charity fundraising for VHL cancer research!

At the new offices of Pacifica Properties Group
905 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 4pm-8pm

Items are being updated as they roll in - check back!

Give the best gifts ever this year from our auction! An e-bike, event tickets, a Mammoth vacation stay, Hammitt bags, medspa services, pro athlete signed posters, experiences, etc.

Shop your heart out and get something for everyone on your list. Local stores will be selling perfect gifts for husbands, wives, kids, friends, family, employees, and client thank you's. Boutique sale items include wine, clothing, jewelery, candles, art, home accessories. and more.

20% of shopping sales and 100% of auction proceeds go to Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation. Every dollar goes to research. Double Strand is driven by volunteers - there are no paid staff members or salaries of any kind.

About Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation

Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to funding and advancing medical research for the treatment and cure of VHL and other cancers. Tax ID #45-5335370.

About VHL and Double Strand's Purpose:

Von-Hippel Lindau (VHL) is a rare disease that causes kidney cancer and tumors in the brain, spine, eyes, kidneys, adrenal glands, inner ear and pancreas. There is no cure for VHL. Current treatments include enduring the side effects of taking Belzutifan and/or repeated surgeries to remove problematic tumors and kidney cancers. Hermosa resident Karli Wallace is blind in one eye from VHL, has had 5 major surgeries and over 25 eye procedures. This is not uncommon for people with VHL. We’ve met patients that have had over 20 major surgeries in their lifetime.

The Research Project Double Strand is Funding:

John Wallace, Karli Wallace and Karynne Thim created Double Strand VHL Cancer Research Foundation to improve treatments and quality of life for people with VHL and other cancers with similar mechanisms. Phase 1 of a research project entitled “Smart Bomb Nanoparticles Loaded with Targeted Precision Therapeutics to Treat VHL Hemangioblastomas and Metastatic Cancer” began in 2021 in collaboration with expert researchers at Mass General Harvard and MIT. The three year, $919,000 project has the potential to create a game-changing treatment for people with VHL. The project will develop small lipid nanoparticles, 1/100th the size of a human hair. The nanoparticles will travel to targeted tumor sites and utilize specific surface binding receptors to attach, infiltrate and deliver a tumor-killing payload without side effects or collateral damage. This approach will eliminate the side effects of taking Belzutifan systemically and the need for repeated surgeries.

The Goal:

Phase 1’s budget of $303,869 was funded by the Wallace Family along with the collective efforts of many generous friends. We are eternally grateful to everyone that helped us get this project off the ground. Double Strand is currently raising funds for Phase 2 and 3 costs of $615,000 to keep the breakthrough medical research moving forward.

Together as a community, we can make a difference. We truly appreciate your generosity.

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