Dharma Forward for BCA and IBS

Buddhist Churches of America
February 2024
07:00 PM PST
February 2024
07:00 PM PST
GOAL $5,000.00
275.2% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Together we make a difference! Dharma Forward is our vision to build the future of Buddhism in America by supporting major investments in BCA and IBS. Through Education, Outreach, Ministers, Technology, Professorial Chairs, and more we can continue inspiring and engaging generations. Northern California District Council and the members of the 2024 BCA National Council Planning Committee have made possible this auction to share member treasures across the districts and to support our common desire to share the Buddha Dharma. Proceeds will benefit Dharma Forward (General).

About Buddhist Churches of America

Interest in Buddhism is growing in America as people seek a better way to live in a self-centered, divisive culture. The Buddhist Churches of America (BCA) and Institute of Buddhist Studies (IBS) provide avenues for those that are seeking a way to learn and grow.

The BCA’s mission is to share the Three Treasures: Buddha, Dharma, Sangha. By unifying our 60+ member temple’s leadership and creating a pathway for minister’s to learn and ordain, our entire BCA family is empowered to continue sharing the Dharma. The IBS is a WASC accredited graduate program that ensures that we are providing a forum for academic study and seminary that is unique to our traditions of Buddhism and gives way for exquisite dialogue to enrich all that participate in it.

In 2006, the BCA opened our flagship education and events facility in Berkeley, California. The Jodo Shinshu Center houses the Institute of Buddhist Studies, Center for Buddhist Education, and hosts national seminars and activities throughout the year.

These communities exist because of dedicated efforts over many generations to carry the Dharma forward to us. In gratitude for the Buddha’s wisdom and compassion. Now we carry the Dharma forward with entrusting hearts. Our opportunity to grow is greater than ever, and the pathway to a bright future includes YOU!

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