Holiday Auction for Dharavi Diary

Chai Pani Restaurant Group
December 2022
12:30 PM EST
December 2022
12:30 PM EST

About Our Auction

Dharavi is one of the world’s largest slums, located in Mumbai India. Over 1 million people live in 1 square mile. Families live in homes made of tarps and sheet metal, without running water or plumbing. There is little space for children to study, play, or come together with their community.

Dharavi Diary is a community center located in the heart of Dharavi. The center provides tutors, access to books & computers, and a vibrant community space that promotes learning and opportunities. It has become a safe haven for generations of young people.

This holiday season, Chai Pani Restaurant Group has pledged to raise $40,000 to support the students at Dharavi Diary. These funds will support a full year of learning & tutoring programs, rent for two community centers, and health & hygiene programs for hundreds of students.

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About Chai Pani Restaurant Group

It all began with a little chaat house in downtown Asheville, NC. In 2009, at the bottom of the great recession, Meherwan and Molly Irani quit their day jobs to open their first restaurant, an Indian street food joint called Chai Pani that was funded by family and friends. On opening day, Chai Pani ran out of food. In 2022, it was named the most Outstanding Restaurant in America.

With Chai Pani, the Iranis introduced the American South to the colors, flavors, and soul of India. Totally obsessed with the deliciousness and interactive experience of Indian street food — India’s most democratic, egalitarian, affordable and pan-Indian cuisine — Meherwan wanted to recreate that in his own approachable way. He and his team believe that Indian food is so much more diverse, interesting, unexpected, and personal than a handful of regional cuisines that have been popularized in the U.S. so far.

Guests quickly craved the stereotype-shattering food, the kale pakoras and sloppy jais, the drinks and hot chai, and the warm service at Chai Pani. This first-of-its-kind establishment has been recognized as sparking a revolution and changing the perception of Indian food in America.

Meherwan and Molly now lead a team of more than 300 across their growing restaurant and spice empire in the South’s most essential culinary cities: Asheville, Atlanta and Charlotte.

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