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20th Anniversary Ukulele

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December 2021
05:00 PM HST
December 2021
05:00 PM HST
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20th Anniversary Ukulele

This is a celebration. A celebration of 20 years of exploration, refinement and the pursuit of perfection. With an elitist approach to material selection and a minimalist style of design, elegance is always the constant goal. In the last 20 years, I have had the absolute pleasure of building hundreds of instruments for players and collectors all over the world. This ukulele is a celebration of these achievements.

This very special ukulele is a Tenitone. Sized half way between a tenor and Baritone, it offers superior volume, sustain and tone while still retaining the standard GCEA tuning.

The maile lei is a symbol of celebration in Hawaii, used in almost every important event. The green opal maile lei inlayed fretboard and rosette is perfectly paired by color with the Zambian Emeralds inlayed in Platinum on the fretboard. The Emeralds and platinum are a traditional gift for the 20th anniversary, so their unity works very well on this very unique instrument.
After 20 years of building custom instruments, this is the very first maile lei I have done. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to do something so celebrated in our culture, but The time was finally right.

This set of Amazing exhibition grade Koa is a set that I have been holding on to for 15 years. There is just a bit of magic in this Koa. A special combination of perfect weight and resonance, coupled with deep, interlocking curl and a golden blonde color. In my mind, perfection.

The matching, …..insanely curly Koa neck is also a story of its own. An amazingly perfect board that I had been saving for 96 months, 2920 days, ect, for something so special that it could not be touched till the right time had come. And this was it. I always thought that this board would be made into a few prized ukulele sets. But most times the material will tell you when it’s ready and what to do with it.
At just the right weight and density, this Koa neck is not only perfectly balanced with the body, but almost hare to look away from.

The custom Rodgers tuners are nothing short of spectacular! The brass plates with nickel engraved interior is elegant and understated as to work along side the rest of these materials. Rodgers tuners are renowned in the world of custom instruments as the finest tuners available, period.

To add to the platinum set emeralds and green opal (inlei) lol, all of this detail is added to a curly ebony fretboard, headstock veneer and bridge. Curly ebony is not common by any means, but to find it in this quality is even more rare. It is hard to see the details of the ebony in the photos, or even in poor light, but when it is seen in just the right environment…. Like a green flash over the ocean at sunset.

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