National Small Print Show

June 2021
01:00 PM MDT
July 2021
09:00 PM MDT

National Small Print Show

For 19 years, the NSPS was held in the lobby of the Creede Repertory Theatre. Created by CAC Board Member and local printmaker Larry Basky, the show has been an integral part of CAC's mission and provides support for other programs.

Sales made through the auction will support the artists and CAC.

SILENT AUCTION FOR MONOPRINTS: In order to allow all to have a chance to purchase monoprints, CAC has traditionally held a drawing for monoprints or monotypes (When only one print is available for sale.) Since this is not possible with the new online format, we will be using a silent auction for those prints. If only one bidder is interested, they will be able to purchase the print for the minimum bid price at the end of the show. However, other individuals will be able to bid on those prints if they desire during the run of the show. If purchasers want to insure that they get the print of their choice, they can purchase the print by paying the BUY NOW price.

BUY NOW FOR ALL OTHER PRINTS: If there is more than 1 print in an edition available at the beginning of the show, there will not be a silent auction for those prints. They are available to purchase at the buy now price until all of the available prints have sold.

The Creede Arts Council provides access to the arts for residents and visitors to this scenic, rural, mountain community.
The 2021 online NSPS will be held in honor of Larry Basky (1943-2021). When talking about his inspiration, Basky said,
"At one time in my life, I thought that one of the most important aspects of art was the geographic location where one lived. This, I am sure, was because I do landscapes. After traveling the country for a number of years, I find that it is more what is inside a person rather than what is visually outside. A beautiful composition can be a square foot and could represent subject matter from California to Maine; it's all in the eyes of its creator." (
To see Larry Basky at work, watch this video:

To see Stephen Quiller discuss this year's judging and selection process, watch this video:
Interested parties can also join us for a Zoom Discussion with Quiller about this year's judging and selection process on June 21st, 2021 at 5:00pm Mountain Standard Time. This event has limited availability. Please reserve your spot via our EventBrite link here:

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