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Original Art Auction - May 2022

CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors
May 2022
11:00 AM EDT
May 2022
03:03 PM EDT

Original Art Auction - May 2022

For the first time in CoSM Shop history, eight original works available to collectors in our fully online auction this May.

Four watercolor paintings by Allyson Grey:
- Chaos, by Allyson Grey, 2019, watercolor on paper, 7.5 x 7.5 in.
- Dot Squiggle Bang, by Allyson Grey, 2021, watercolor on paper, 7.5 x 7.5 in.
- Secret Writing Scramble, by Allyson Grey, 2020, watercolor on paper, 11.75 x 6 in.
- Wave Pool Secret Writing, by Allyson Grey, 2015, watercolor on paper, 6.875 x 10.25 in.

Four original works by Alex Grey:
- March Moon, by Alex Grey, 2022, ink, white charcoal, & acrylic on paper, 7.75 x 11.625 in.
****note: slight tear on top left corner
- Ma’at’s Feather, by Alex Grey, 2022, pastel & acrylic on paper, 9 x 12 in.
- Ptahnk Brush, by Alex Grey, 2021, graphite on paper, 9 x 12 in.
- Howling Anubis, by Alex Grey, 2022, white charcoal & acrylic on paper, 11.5 x 9 in.

All proceeds directly support CoSM and the completion of Entheon.

Excessive bids will result in removal from auction participation. Please use proxy bidding as needed.

Happy Bidding!

About CoSM, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

CoSM’s mission is to build a Sanctuary of Visionary Art to uplift the global community. Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, co-founded by Alex Grey & Allyson Grey in 1996 to create a permanent public exhibition of the Sacred Mirrors and the CoSM Collection of artwork.

The Church of Sacred Mirrors, CoSM, established in 2008, is an interfaith church. Alex Grey & Allyson Grey are co-founders & Ministers. Located in the scenic Hudson Valley Town of Wappinger, 65 miles north of New York City, CoSM’s 40- acre campus includes meadows, woodlands, a wisdom trail, and six buildings including Entheon, a Sanctuary of Visionary Art.

What is Entheon & Why Visionary Art Matters:

Entheon, Sanctuary of Visionary Art, at CoSM will honor and preserve cultural artifacts pointing to the mystic state created by artists from around the world. As more people experience altered consciousness via meditation and psychedelics, the desire to create and see new visionary art will continue to expand through every media. Since visionary mystical experiences are humanity’s most direct contact with God, Visionary Art remains, since the dawn of cave painting, the best way to share the heavenly realms. Entheon means a place to discover the “God within.” The Entheon collection and All One Gallery exhibition will soon be installed inside the sanctuary. Engineering the sculptural exterior of Entheon is beginning. The multi-faced interfaith countenance of Entheon symbolizes the transcendent unity of all wisdom paths.

Proceeds from these auctions will be dedicated to the completion of Entheon. Thank you for your support.

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