Cocktails & Cats New York City

Katie Adamson Conservation Fund
October 2023
At Midnight EDT
October 2023
08:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

You are cordially invited to join us for an evening with Costa Rica for jaguar conservation. Enjoy cocktails over lively conversation, live and silent auctions, and a featured talk by world renowned jaguar biologist, Dr. Eduardo Carrillo.

This event is sponsored by the Katie Adamson Conservation Fund in tandem with Conservation Wild in New York, and NAMA Conservation in Costa Rica.

About Katie Adamson Conservation Fund

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund has partnered with NAMA Conservation in Costa Rica and Conservation Wild in New York to help conserve and research jaguars in the wild.

The Katie Adamson Conservation Fund transcends the role of a typical endangered animal conservation organization. Our mission encompasses a spectrum of impactful initiatives that extend beyond preservation alone. While our central objective revolves around the protection of endangered species, our approach entails a multifaceted strategy.

Our core emphasis remains on safeguarding endangered animals and involves a synergistic blend of elements such as youth education, fostering community sustainability, leveraging virtual reality technology for immersive education, and facilitating career advancement for individuals who are impassioned about the species we strive to aid.


NAMA Conservation is a Costa Rican non profit organization focused on conserving the natural ecosystems of the country, its keystone species and the integrity of communities that live in interaction with them.

In honor of the largest native peoples of Costa Rica, we take our name from the Cabécar language, where the word Namá represents the six species of felines present in Costa Rica & Central America, but also their importance and legacy for the future generations.


Conservation Wild is a women-led, nonprofit organization based in the New York City area with projects overseas. We work in saving species of wildlife while supporting local and Indigenous communities around the world. Our mission is to enhance the protection and preservation of wildlife populations while improving livelihoods of local, Indigenous communities, to provide immersive field experiences, and to share indigenous knowledge with the world.

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Live Event Information

Thursday, October 26 · 6 - 8pm EDT

Explorers Club
46 East 70th Street New York, NY 10021