QFX: CloudCon! Silent Auction

June 2020
12:00 PM EDT
June 2020
10:21 PM EDT

About Our Auction

QFX Events will be holding this silent auction alongside our virtual convention, QFX: CloudCon! Items included have been graciously donated by our team and members of the community in an effort to raise funds for charity.

All proceeds, after shipping costs, will go towards a nonprofit to be named by start of the auction. Auction with run June 22 - 29, 2020.

About QFX Events

QFX Events aims to create diverse, inclusive and accessible events for queer fans to celebrate LGBTQ+ content. We strive to provide healthy, community-driven environments where queer voices are amplified, faves are celebrated and where fandom becomes family.

Our long-term goal is for our attendees to feel represented while celebrating LGBTQ+ media across fandom-heavy platforms such as TV, film, comics, web-based media, etc. We want to amplify, inspire and empower marginalized queer voices within our community. QFX will achieve this by creating organic, authentic and accessible platforms where content creators and fans can collectively advocate for better queer representation.

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