Circle of Change Awards 2020/2021

Community Shares
June 2021
08:00 AM EDT
June 2021
08:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

In lieu of our in-person event, this year Community Shares is hosting our first ever online auction during our annual Circle of Change Awards! Your support makes it possible for Community Shares to raise money for our 33 member organizations so they can continue to do exceptional work for our communities across the state.

Have fun, be competitive, and bid generously as, together, we support social change in Tennessee.

About Community Shares

At Community Shares, we support Tennessee social change organizations in order to promote a more just and caring community. Our purpose is to raise funds for our member groups to foster a strong and viable network of social change organizations in Tennessee. We define social change as work which: promotes a more equitable distribution of resources, wealth, and power; gives people the tools to act together to affect change on a systems level; eliminates the social, economic, cultural, and political barriers that keep people from fully participating in society; and promotes respect for the environment and its sustainability.

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