Every Thursday Art Auction

Christopher Griffin Art Studio
December 2021
09:00 AM EST
December 2021
09:00 PM EST

About Our Auction

Welcome to the final Every Thursday Art Auction in support of the Ottawa Food Bank for 2021. Thank you once again to Betsy Ktichen for her winning bid of $2199.37. So far we have raised $63, 239.37. That is enough to provide 26 community food banks in Ottawa with fresh fruit and vegetables for 3 weeks.

For this last auction I present 'Gratitude', in recognition of all the people in our communities who make a difference every day. Happy New Years!

About Christopher Griffin Art Studio

I have come across patches on sidewalks that express everything I strive for in my work. Colour, texture, pattern, line quality. They also contain a quality of randomness, freeness and freshness. These are visually complete moments. My challenge is to capture this mixture of time and weathering in my own work.

By giving the initial markings to chance – either a child’s scribbling or a surface of a city sidewalk, I leave myself the task of completing the picture.

The preciousness of a blank canvas is removed from the equation and I am allowed to create an image to my own ideals. Playing and being in the moment are important components of my work.

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