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Child Proof Advice
June 2019
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June 2019
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About Our Auction

A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization
6675 Cow Hollow Drive, Suite 2035
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“Give the Gift of Safety”

June 1, 2019

Welcome to our first ever online auction to benefit child safety. We are so glad you are here!

Child Proof Advice is a non-profit organization (501(c)(3) established to educate the parents and care providers of infants, toddlers and preschool age children in providing a safe home environment to prevent unintentional injuries and fatalities.

Beneficiaries of Child Proof Advice include expecting and new parents, first time grandparents, foster and adopting parents, doulas, nannies and professional child care providers.

We work with the community at large, but also have a special commitment to first-time mothers with limited resources. We donate training and equipment to these individuals through the Department of Social Services.

The Child Proof Advice website supports our mission by providing online Parent and Professional Training plus a Safety Guide in a downloadable e-book format.

The Safety Guide includes a Room by Room Checklist, links to 60+ parent resources, a list of potential poisonings and much more, to help parents everywhere protect their children.

Recently a preschooler featured in a commercial commented, “children are an accident waiting to happen”. We add to this a reminder for all child care providers that, like Superman, children are "faster than a speeding bullet!"

As you select auction items and plan your bidding strategy, please consider how your purchase will help prevent and reduce the 100,000+ accidents and fatalities harming children annually.

Give the Gift of Safety!

For the children you are protecting, we thank you…


Marjorie Wrenn
President & CEO

Empowering through Education to Improve Child Safety

About Child Proof Advice

Child Proof Advice is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing in-home injuries to children.

Nine million children visit an Emergency Room each year due to preventable injuries and 120,000 children are permanently disabled.
70% of those children are under the age of four.

There is absolutely no greater devastation than losing a child and certainly that devastation is compounded when the loss is due to a preventable accident. the focus of Child Proof Advice is Empowering Through Education to Improve Child Safety so parents and all child care givers know how to prevent injuries and fatalities.

Most families having their first child cannot afford a professional child proofing service. The design of the Child Proof Advice program addresses that issue with a special uniqueness.

Child Proof Advice offers a Do-It-Yourself approach to child safety allowing parents of all economic circumstances to do as much as they choose in providing safety for their children. Your question is not will your child find hazards in the home, but when…

Parents can visit our website at and begin by selecting the Child Proof Advice Safety Guide E-Book from our Safety Products page. Within the Guide, the Room by Room Checklist can then be used to provide safety in every room of a home. Education is continued by selecting the parent training safety product and viewing the Injoy Health Educators child proofing video.

Additionally, the website provides access to numerous child proofing products to ensure safety for children.

For the children you are protecting, we thank you...

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