Charlie Ilsley Fundraiser

July 2019
07:00 PM BST
August 2019
08:03 PM BST

About Our Auction

This auction is to help raise funds for 12 year old Charlie Ilsley. I first heard about Charlie’s plight on Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer campaign, and felt compelled to do something.

If you don't know about Charlie, his heartbreaking story is here:

To offer hope of a long-term cure, Charlie is undergoing immunotherapy in Germany, starting 29th July. Patients on this programme are having amazing results. The doctors will examine his cancer at DNA level, then prescribe a highly-targeted, specific course of immunotherapy treatment.

The several stages of treatment will cost £50,000, which Charlie's family needs to somehow find, to give Charlie his best shot at a cure.

I decided to organise this online auction to help with funding. All money raised will go towards his treatment.

Please, please, please bid as much and as generously as you can, to help us support this little warrior who has been through so much at such a young age. He and his family desperately need our support.

Any questions, please feel free to email me at:

Good luck & happy bidding!

Thankyou for your support,

Claire X

About Claire Brown (on behalf of Charlie Ilsley)

One evening in March of this year, I sat down, gin & tonic in hand, looking forward to watching Channel 4's Celebrity Bake Off, in conjunction with its Stand Up for Cancer campaign.

Little did I know what effect that programme would have on me.

I watched Charlie's story, tears streaming down my face. Out of all the heartbreaking stories in that same programme which were so difficult to watch and ended tragically, Charlie's story offered hope and promise. A chance that he might be OK.

Charlie's story has stayed with me since then and I felt compelled to do something to try and help in whatever way I could.

Some weeks later, it resulted in a trip to Henley to meet with Charlie and his mother, Toni.

This online auction is just one of many goals I have, another is running a 10K trail race in September. I have also set up a Fundraising page for Charlie on Facebook and I'm setting up an official community page for Charlie to help raise awareness and spread the word.

To raise £50,000 is no easy task. However, I believe 100% we will get there with people's ongoing generosity and support, which Toni's family are so extremely grateful for. We will simply keep on going until that target is reached.

Please, please, donate what you can and help us reach that milestone. Without you, Charlie won't get the treatment he desperately needs.

Thank you so much everyone, and happy bidding.

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