Catena Jobs Plus Skills & Development

Catena Jobs Plus Skills & Development
August 2020
08:00 AM ADT
September 2020
11:45 PM ADT

About Our Auction

Catena Jobs Plus Skills & Development were hosting a fundraiser auction at a local facility back in May but due to Covid we had to cancel the event. We received some items before everything occurred and setup this online auction for the items we had received. All funds raised will be used towards our daily programs.

About Catena Jobs Plus Skills & Development

‚Äč Jobs Plus is a non-profit organization located at 1123 Grandview Avenue in Saint John, NB. Our center is an NBASSE agency and follows the Employment & Support Services Program (DSP/ESSP) Standards of the Department of Social Development.

Jobs Plus has been recognized as an industry leader with the employment first initiative. At Jobs Plus, we are helping those who have the desire to be employed bridge the gap from skills training to paid employment. Our employment first programs are in line with the most current DSP/ESSP Standards, this allows our individuals the opportunity to be trained and given the tools needed for confidence and obtain paid successful employment. In addition to our employment programming, Jobs Plus provides social skills training and daily activities for our participants on a full-time basis. Our projects and programs are broken down into small teachable steps to allow for maximum participation by all.

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