Bustin' for Badges Silent Auction

Edmonton Police Foundation
June 2024
10:00 AM MDT
June 2024
05:00 PM MDT

About Our Auction

The Bustin' for Badges silent auction stands as a pivotal fundraising event for the Edmonton Police Foundation, directly contributing to the strengthening of our community's safety and well-being. At the heart of this event lies the mission to bolster the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) through financial support that will be channeled into vital programs and resources. These programs are designed with the core aim of nurturing and enhancing the bond between police and the community members they serve. Such relationships are fundamental, as they lay the groundwork for mutual trust and respect, which are essential for the creation of a safe, supportive, and cohesive community.

The funds raised from the auction are instrumental in equipping our officers with the latest in specialized technology and resources. This includes not only the human members of the EPS but extends to the valiant canines of the canine unit, ensuring that all officers have the protection and tools they need to perform their duties safely and effectively. The provision of cutting-edge equipment is not a luxury but a necessity, as it directly impacts the ability of our officers to respond to emergencies, solve crimes, and protect the public.

Participating in the Bustin' for Badges silent auction is more than just an act of charity; it's an investment in the safety and quality of life in Edmonton. By supporting this event, participants contribute to a cause that touches every corner of our community. It's an opportunity to play a role in ensuring that EPS is not only well-equipped but also enjoys a relationship of trust and cooperation with the people they protect. This symbiotic relationship is the cornerstone of a resilient, safe, and thriving community.

We encourage everyone to join us in this endeavor. Your participation signals a commitment to community safety, to fostering positive relations between police and the public, and to ensuring that our officers have what they need to keep Edmonton safe. Together, we can make a substantial impact.

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About Edmonton Police Foundation

The Edmonton Police Foundation (EPF) plays a crucial role in fostering strong and constructive relationships between the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) and the community it serves. This emphasis on positive engagement is pivotal because it lays the foundation for mutual trust and respect, elements that are essential for effective policing.

The EPF's investment in specialized equipment significantly contributes to the safety and effectiveness of police officers. This support not only enhances their ability to perform their duties efficiently but also ensures they can do so with a higher degree of safety. Consequently, these efforts assist in creating a safer environment for both the police and the community they serve, underscoring the importance of the EPF's work in building a safer, more connected Edmonton.

The Edmonton Police Foundation:

*Connects donors with the work of our police.
*a vehicle for charitable gifts and grants from individuals, businesses, foundations and government.
*Serves as the only charitable organization committed to raising funds in support of the Edmonton Police Service.
*Donations to the Edmonton Police Foundation qualify for a charitable tax receipt. CRA #870259173RR0001

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