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January 2022
06:00 AM MST
January 2022
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About Our Auction

This auction features work from the co-owners of Birdsong Studios, Russell and Heather Thomas, and our friends Robert Kunz and Jerry Epp.

Jerry Epp

Born in 1959 in New Westminster, Jerry has always shown an interest in art and enjoyed putting pencil to paper to create sketches as a young boy. In 1997, he moved his young family to Alberta, putting art aside as he worked his career and raised a family. Motivated by a trip to Canmore to browse art galleries many years later, Jerry took up painting in 2019 and realized how much he still enjoyed creating art and exploring new techniques. He is dedicated to realism and works with acrylic paint on birch board. Jerry has spent the year doing commissions. He feels that his calling at this point in his life is to paint special memories for people where each piece carries a story.

Robert Kunz

A photographer with a passion for capturing colour, Rob grew up in Calgary, but has made Okotoks his home for 25 years. He loves the closeness that this small community affords him to the majestic Rocky Mountains, and takes frequent day trips around southern Alberta capturing the landscapes and people that truly define this beautiful country. He loves to photograph the places he visits, such scenery as the lakes, trees and ocean of Western Canada and the United States; the glorious rock diversity of Utah and Arizona; the concrete and architecture of New York City; the culture and Jungles of Guatemala; and the disparate ice and volcano landscapes of Iceland. He loves the relationship between people and their environment. Real people in real life: where they live, play and love. Through his images, he conveys the deep connection we have with the world around us.

Heather Thomas

Heather has always been interested in making art, as a child she dabbled in watercolours with her dad at the lake during the summer. As most of us do, Heather left the artistic world in her early twenties so that she could grow and learn in other ways. Now that she is in her forties, together with her husband Russell, she has built a dream studio. Heather now has the means, motivation, and support to step back into the gifts that come with rediscovering creativity through making art. Heather’s favourite pieces are created using lots of layers and textures.

Russell Thomas

Beginning his painting journey at the age of 47, Russell is widely known for his use of colour in painting people, animals and landscapes. He is passionate about giving back, and uses his passion for painting to raise tens of thousands of dollars for charities and community causes.

The pieces in this auction range from gallery canvas prints to original works. GST and shipping (if required) will be added to the final sale price.

About Birdsong Studios

Russell Thomas began creating wild colour portraits in Birdsong Studio (Fort McMurray) in 2014. His late career dive into painting has combined his passion for portraiture with his interest in giving back. Live paintings, painting donations and the sale of prints have helped multiple charities. In recent years, families in rural Cambodia moved into new homes, funded by the sale of paintings and prints through a charity called Bracelets For Buildings.

In addition to doing commissions for clients from across Canada and the U.S., Russell enjoys following his creative instincts and producing work that is made available through his Russell Thomas Art Facebook page and his Instagram account (@russellthomasart).

Heather Thomas is co-owner of Birdsong Studios. She has been exploring abstract art over the past few years and has found a unique "voice" using a broad range of materials and methods. She has become an artist in her own right and works in the studio alongside Russell almost every day. You follow her Instagram account @heatherthomasart.

Birdsong Studio is now located in High River, Alberta.

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