Bid For Life 3

We Are TLM
October 2022
01:00 AM IST
October 2022
At Midnight IST
GOAL €25,000.00
55.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

Tumaini La Maisha and Their Lives Matter Ireland and UK are 3 distinct collaborative NGO’s collectively known as (We Are TLM). They have a shared vision - that no child suffers or dies unnecessarily from cancer in Tanzania.

For the estimated 4,500 children who develop childhood cancer every year in Tanzania, the ability to afford the travel, medical care and associated costs is a distant dream. Enter the ground-breaking partnership between Muhimbili National Hospital and Tumaini La Maisha (hope for life in English), and the National Children Cancer Network, (NCCN) they have built whose combined support provides comprehensive free care - everything from chemotherapy, accurate diagnostics, medical training, play therapy, transport, nutrition and so much more to 11 sites across the country!

Tumaini La Maisha Tanzania is celebrating 11 years of service dedicated to children with cancer & their families. In 11 years, we have grown from caring for less than 300 children annually to reaching 730+ new children in 2022 across a national network of cancer centres. Survival rates have also increased from 30% to over 50% from 2011 to the end of 2021.

‘We have come a long way since the official launch of Tumaini La Maisha in 2011, but have a long journey ahead of us!’ as still an estimated 75% of children with cancer in Tanzania still suffer and die needlessly of a disease we are committed to treating for free. Tanzania is a vast country with more than 60 million inhabitants, most of whom do not have the means to afford not only medical treatment but transport to a medical centre. Our survivors, one of whom works as part of our team at MNH, show us that childhood cancer does not need to mean the death of a child. Childhood cancer can be overcome with the right treatment, at the right time.

This year we have announced the launch of our 3rd Bid for Life Art Auction with our amazing long standing partners Killruddery House and Gardens in County Wicklow, Ireland and our exciting new partners the council of Irish fashion designers both supporting the auction in different ways - Killruddery house will host a live Gala Ball and the closing of the auction on the 15th and the members of the CIFD have donated all sorts of beautiful hand crafted Irish designs - clothing, accessories, jewelry and more.

The auction will start on the 1st of October with the grand finale on October 15th.

“In 2021 the Bid for Life Art Auction raised over €20,000 to support children’s cancer services. We are hoping that this year, with your help, we will be able to raise even more much needed funds”, said Dr. Trish.

Happy Bidding!!

About We Are TLM

'We Are TLM' represents a group of International organisations with a shared vision and mission: to care for children with cancer in Tanzania. Their Lives Matter Ireland Registered Charity Number: 20103798.

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