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Bev Crushes It
September 2021
10:15 AM EDT
September 2021
09:07 PM EDT
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About Our Auction

A great reason to bid ... Sunnybrook is a major lung cancer diagnostic centre in Ontario, with testing volumes of about 1,000 lung cancers per year. Currently there are four biomarkers funded by Cancer Care Ontario, but more are known. Sunnybrook hopes to expand to a 50-gene test identifying the mutated genes commonly involved in lung cancer. Expanded testing means the number of patients eligible for precise therapy could increase from 20% to 45%. How impressive is that? Learn more:

All the proceeds from this auction are added to the 'Crush it with Bev’ fundraiser at Lebovic Golf Club.

About Bev Crushes It

My name is Bev Moir. Two years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. As a never smoker, with a healthy lifestyle, it was a gut punch. Unfortunately, I’m not alone as 10% – 20% of those diagnosed are never or former smokers. Being treated at Sunnybrook has turned me into an advocate for advanced diagnostic testing. I benefited from this testing which allows patients to receive targeted therapy.

"Precision diagnostics means we can tailor the treatment for patients. Truly a game changer for Ontarians.”
– Dr. David Hwang, Chief, Department of Laboratory Medicine & Molecular Diagnostics,
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

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