Backwoods Gallery: First Annual Fundraiser Auction

Backwoods Gallery
May 2019
06:00 PM AEST
May 2019
06:00 PM AEST

About Our Auction

Backwoods Gallery: First annual fundraiser auction
Opening celebration: Friday May 24th from 6-10pm

Backwoods Gallery is an independently run commercial gallery that began as an Artist Run Initiative in 2010. From humble beginnings as a platform for its artist owners to exhibit artwork of their own, Backwoods has grown to become world recognised, working with the likes of MONA and The Japan Foundation and having many of our artists achieve international success.

As a small commercial gallery, we do not receive funding from government arts grants, nor do we have the support from another commercial business. In most cases galleries rely on one or the other for funding as the industry is volatile at the best of times.

Our unique situation means Backwoods Gallery relies on sales from exhibitions to rent the space, run projects, workshops, produce exhibitions, pay wages and more. Our reality of hands on collaboration with our artists and community has helped us forge strong and long-lasting relationships all the artists with whom we work, all of which we consider to be good friends, as well as you, our community of friends and collectors.

Backwoods Gallery only exhibits artists we really believe in, have relationships with, and who are a part of our community. We are dedicated to working, developing and growing with the artists we represent to ensure long lasting professional relationships. 

Due to rising overheads, the gallery requires significant financial assistance to run smoothly. To meet these ongoing challenges we have planned an annual fundraiser which aims to take the pressure off day-to-day operations to allow us to continue to produce great exhibitions. 

The online fundraiser auction will feature significant artworks from artists we've worked with closely over the past 9 years. The artworks will be hung in a special weekend exhibition at the gallery, with all funds raised going to help pay overheads for the space. 

The exhibition will run from the 24th to the 26th May, and will be a silently auctioned online, open to our collectors and guests both locally and internationally.

We’re extremely lucky to have such a strong and loyal community at Backwoods, and we're extremely grateful for your generous support in helping us reach our huge ten year anniversary next year.

Backwoods Gallery first annual fundraiser auction
Opening Night: Friday May 24th from 6-10pm.

Auction open Friday 24th, 6pm AEST - Sunday 26th, 6pm AEST
Happy bidding!

About Backwoods Gallery

Since Backwoods Gallery opened in the back streets of Collingwood in 2010, we’ve played an integral role in the development and promotion of the once fledgling Australian street art scene; produced 100+ exhibitions, countless public arts projects, murals and publications while remaining fiercely independent and self funded; nurtured maverick artists into MONA celebrated and NGA collected artists to form a world-class family of talented, high profile and (occasionally) hard to access artists; and gained a global community of like-minded followers.

Then and now, our focus is to assist artists connect with their community, without limitations.

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