Closing the Space

Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centr
January 2021
04:00 PM MST
January 2021
12:14 PM MST
GOAL $4,500.00
173.6% REACHED!

About Our Auction

This pandemic has hit all of us hard, and sadly we are closing the space and moving our services online until such a time that we can offer in house events. The global health organizations and scientiests are estimating that will be 2022... so in the meantime, we are building online sex positive services, including condom delivery, workshops, presentations, support groups and socials. All funds will go to keeping the sex positive services active. Please be as generous as you can so that the organization survives this messed up situation.

About Alberta Sex Positive Education and Community Centr

We promote sex positive values by offering workshops, presentations and supports that can improve self empowerment and foster a deeper understanding of consent. As part of our mandate we also provide space with strict rules against oppressive behaviours to support folks who are marginlized due to gender and/or sexuality.

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