Dominique Eustace
January 2021
09:00 AM PST
February 2021
09:00 AM PST

About Our Auction

Four original acrylic paintings by Dominique Eustace will be sold for the highest bid. The proceeds from the paintings will be shared by the following local charities:
1. Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society
2. Cowichan Valley Youth Services
3. Nourish Cowichan
4. Hiiye'yu Lelum Society House of Friendship

I wanted to celebrate my show by giving back to the community. The shows run for 4 wks so I have donated 4 paintings and will give to 4 charities.

I chose these charities as I am a pediatrician, parent, athlete as well as an artist.

Cowichan Trail Stewardship Society (because trails give me joy and because exercise and nature promote both physical and mental health)

Cowichan Valley Youth Services (because kids are so important and mental health outcomes are so much better if support occurs early)

Nourish Cowichan (because kids are so important and hungry kids can't learn. Education prevents poverty and therefore disease)

Hiiye'yu Lelum Society House of Friendship (because this site offers so many great programs for children and families in this community. The people of Cowichan Tribe are special to me)

About Dominique Eustace

Vancouver Island Artist living in Cowichan Valley with a passion for art, kids and nature.
Visit her shows at the Annex, Cowichan Community Portal
FIRE Jan 21-Feb 4, 2021
WATER Feb 6-Feb 20, 2021

IG de.artistbirdseye

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