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February 2019
06:00 PM MST
February 2019
09:03 PM MST

About Our Auction

Our latest auction features a mix of original works, gallery canvas prints, limited edition prints and even a puzzle. Proceeds help us continue to help our community in a variety of different ways: through donations, school visits, workshops and a variety of other activities.

All gallery canvas prints will have a BUY NOW option, which includes an instant (and FREE) upgrade to an EP (Embellished Print). What is an EP? Great question. It includes some unique hand painted embellishments to canvas prints that make it a one-of-a-kind piece. The EPs are signed, numbered and dated and include an interesting additional "signature" of sorts: 5 dots in a row, hidden somewhere in the piece.

We are proud to include a number of new works by Heather Thomas in this auction.

GST will be added to the final sale price.

About Birdsong Studio

Russell Thomas has been creating wild colour portraits in Birdsong Studio since 2014. His late career dive into painting has combined his passion for portraiture with his interest in giving back. Live paintings, painting donations and the sale of prints have helped multiple charities. More recently, a family in a small village in Cambodia moved into a new home, funded by the sale of paintings creating in the 18 Day Painting Challenge in 2018.

In addition to doing commissions for clients from across Canada and the U.S., Russell enjoys following his creative instincts and producing work that is made available through his Russell Thomas Art Facebook page and his Instagram account (@russellthomasart).

Heather Thomas is co-owner of Birdsong Studio and Healing Centre. She has been exploring abstract art over the past few years and has found a unique "voice" using a broad range of materials and methods.

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