Grow-a-Library Silent Auction for Literacy

Atlantic Provinces Library Association
June 2021
08:45 AM ADT
June 2021
02:33 PM ADT

About Our Auction

Bid often, and bid high!

100% of the funds received will go towards the charitable literacy organizations!

The winning bidder, will choose which of the 3 selected charitable literacy organizations they wish to support (information following below) – and will make their bid donation (payment) directly to the organization online… and added bonus, receive a personal Charitable Donation Income Tax receipt from the literacy organization!

As always, you can choose to make a personal donation direct (online) to any or all of the selected charitable organizations – and receive a personal charitable Income Tax receipt upon request too! (If you do, please mention APLA! It will help us keep track of the amounts of donations received. Thank you!)

The three selected charitable literacy organizations are:

The DELMORE "BUDDY" DAYE LEARNING INSTITUTE (DBDLI) is an Africentric institute that creates education change for learners of African ancestry to empower them to reach their full potential. The DBDLI is committed to improving educational experiences, opportunities and outcomes for Nova Scotian learners of African ancestry.

The NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR LAUBACH LITERACY COUNCIL (NLLLC) is a non-profit, charitable volunteer organization serving the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Since 1987 they have been committed to providing free quality literacy programs and services aimed at helping improve lives by raising literacy levels. Their programs include one-on-one free tutoring to adults, including speakers of other languages, essential and employment skills programs, and a summer youth tutoring program.

CODE envisions a world where every young person can pursue their education and realize their full potential as a literate, empowered, self-reliant citizen. CODE’s mission is to enable student learning by increasing their access to qualified educators and locally- relevant, high quality learning materials.


And a HUGE thank you to all who provided donations of the thoughtful Silent Auction items.

—2021 APLA Grow-a-Library Committee

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The APLA Grow-a-Library committee fundraises annually to support charitable literacy organizations. This year, we are pleased to support a Silent Auction fundraiser, in support for 3 great charitable literacy organizations this year - Delmore 'Buddy' Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI), Newfoundland and Labrador Laubauch Literacy Council (NLLLC), and CODE.

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