American Sidesaddle Auction

American Sidesaddle Association
October 2023
01:00 PM EDT
October 2023
01:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The auction is a fundraising initiative to benefit the American Sidesaddle Association (ASA). WNY Sidesaddle Club is running this event as a fundraiser for ASA.

About American Sidesaddle Association

The American Sidesaddle Association (ASA) was formed to preserve, promote, and expand the elegance and historical art of riding sidesaddle. The ASA wishes to promote enthusiasm for sidesaddle riding among the equestrian public. Founded in 2008, the ASA is a network of regional sidesaddle clubs located throughout the nation. The Association supports all forms of riding and rider safety; we honor the women who came before us but are also inclusive of all people throughout society.

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