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AAVSO 110th Anniversary Auction

American Association of Variable Star Observers
November 2021
01:00 AM EDT
November 2021
At Midnight EST
GOAL $10,000.00
134.0% REACHED!

AAVSO 110th Anniversary Auction

To kick off the 2022 AAVSO Annual Campaign and celebrate the AAVSO's 110th Anniversary we are hosting an auction of unique items that have been donated to the organization by members, observers, friends and businesses. Come back often as we will add new items to the auction between November 1-30.

About American Association of Variable Star Observers

AAVSO is the world’s premier network for connecting independent astronomers with the global research community. Independent astronomers use binoculars and earth-bound telescopes to examine stars and other phenomena outside of our solar system that are too close for today’s satellite telescopes. Their verified data continuously expand AAVSO’s databases, which are open and free to the entire global astronomy community. In addition, AAVSO often supports requests by universities and professional astronomers for specific observations that only independent astronomers can make due to the high cost and limited capacity of major research telescopes.

With over 100 years of operation, the AAVSO International Database (AID) now exceeds 40 million data sets. This stellar history, just an eyeblink in celestial terms, is invaluable in assessing changes in star behavior, including that of our own Sun. AAVSO also plays a role in the exoplanet search by following up on targets of interest.

AAVSO unites and trains independent observers, along with teachers and their students, into a community of knowledgeable and skilled citizen astronomers, through providing forums, How-to Hours, webinars, a personalized mentor program, manuals, and CHOICE courses.

AAVSO depends upon the support of people who are passionate about supporting meaningful citizen science. Over the years, AAVSO data has been used in thousands of academic research papers. AAVSO also publishes its own research journal, JAAVSO, which is free to the public. To top it off, AAVSO played a leading role in the 2020 debate over whether the nearby star, Betelgeuse, could be a super-nova, with potential impacts on the Earth.

Thank you in advance for your support, and enjoy browsing through our auction items and bidding on items that not only bring you joy, but support a valuable cause!

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