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My BodYoga
October 2021
06:00 AM EDT
October 2021
11:45 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Our Good Vibe Tribe continues to grow in an inspiring Bohemian-style setting that has been infused with a vortex of energy of positivity that every student brings into the space. We supply endless education, encouragement and enthusiasm from the heart as every teacher at My BodYoga works from a heart space of compassion. We embrace the yoga sutras of Pantanjali and the heritage of the yoga practice..
The yamas and niyamas are yoga's ethical guidelines we practice, breathes life into our yoga practice not just being confined to the yoga mat but a lifestyle applied in everyday living.

Our hope is that you find your happy place within yourself and with us at My BodYoga by practicing the art of Thinking Well, Living Well, and Being Well.

Enjoy these discounts we are offering in the auction. All yoga packages can be purchased and saved for later use in your accounts.

Have fun at the auction.

About My BodYoga

Yoga Community
My BodYoga's vision strives to build a strong (Sangha) community of health and wellness enthusiasts as we teach with compassion and a joy of enriching lives through INSPIRING students to embody the higher self towards a purposed filled life. We experience our heart and soul space in a profound way as we become light filled and our vibration begins to climb through the physical, mental, emotional, energetic layers of our being.

The practice of (Seva) service in daily life opens up the pathways for kindness to grow and gratitude to overflow leaving less space for the mind to be busy or burdened.

Ultimately We offer the practice (Sādhanā) that supports you in the journey to a harmonious experience as you learn how to meditate through movement and stillness building flexibility, strength, coordination.

The mind develops an awareness to the soul’s whisper to let go of patterns within the mind and body that no longer serve as you develop freedom of self to live your best life forward. A path to personal development and growth emerges with wisdom and aspiration as you embody practices that integrate body, life, mind, heart and soul.

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