Chainsaw Wood Creations

October 2018
08:00 PM EDT
October 2018
09:03 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Nationally acclaimed chainsaw woodcarvers have several wood carvings that are available to purchase via this online auction. The art pieces were carved right here in Cranberry Township as part of the 2018 Community Day festivities. Auction proceeds benefit the CTCC 2019 Project of the Year - which is the installation of a MakerSpace in Cranberry Township's Public Library.

About Cranberry Township Community Chest

ƒ CTCC’s primary goal is to encourage residents and
businesses to support and become involved with one
of the many nonprofit and civic groups that help make
our community better. Many of our nonprofit and civic
groups have increased their membership since this effort
began. Yearly, we introduce dozens of people who want to
volunteer and add purpose to their lives. Let us match you
with one of our 61 nonprofit organizations.
ƒ CTCC promotes the nonprofit and civic groups via
Community Days, the Community Sign, the Holiday Tree
Gallery and other programs.
ƒ CTCC seeds new services and projects that improve our
community such as the Project of the Year. But we have
also used tens of thousands of dollars to seed other worthy
causes and projects that other non-profits provide. In 2017,
we gave financial support to over 20 nonprofit groups.
ƒ CTCC helps to build a sense of Community, which is one
of the main drivers of successful communities. It creates
the connection of individuals and businesses to their
ƒ CTCC started the Cranberry Legacy Endowment, a
community foundation that allows donors to support many
of our nonprofit groups indefinitely. We have over $1.5
million in assets since the Endowment was started.
ƒ CTCC believes in our Four Pillars: businesses, faith
communities, nonprofit and civic groups, and local
government/schools. This is the foundation for a healthy
and successful community.
ƒ CTCC has expanded Community Days from a one-day event
which has been 95 percent funded and staffed by the
Township, to a three-day festival of artists, a carnival, and
concerts that draws tens of thousands of people and over
500 volunteers. Our past and present Project of the Year
have impacted over 100 other communities in addition to
Cranberry Township.

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