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Dream Kenya Safari Auction to Benefit Masai

Arte for Elephants, LLC
June 2021
12:00 PM PDT
June 2021
06:00 PM PDT
GOAL $2,000.00
161.9% REACHED!

Dream Kenya Safari Auction to Benefit Masai

Fisi Camp Wildlife Guardians Masai Food Assistance Program

Arte for Elephants is thrilled to invite you to our online auction benefitting the magnificent Masai community near Narok that we visit on our Big Elephant Magic Safari Retreats.

We are proud to partner with Gren Sowerby and Fisi Camp to raise money to provide continued food assistance for the communities surrounding the Masai Mara. COVID 19 has had a devastating impact on these proud wildlife guardians, who, for generations have lived side by side iconic species such as elephant and leopard.

These days, the Masai make their living in the tourist industry as guides, drivers and working at local safari camps. Since March 2020 when the COVID pandemic began, local people have been without employment, unable to feed their families. Last May acclaimed photographer Gren Sowerby started a GoFundMe with the goal of raising $300 to support Masai community around Fisi Camp. Now, 13 months later and the need is still critical. Until tourism resumes to pre-COVID levels, the local Masai will need our continued support. Thank you for caring about these amazing and caring human beings.

100% of the winning bid will help both the wildlife and the people who live in communities surrounding the wilderness. The two groups are interdependent and what impacts one will impact the other.

To read more about the fund raising effort please check out the GoFundMePage: https://gofund.me/c97be866

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