Welcome Home Virtual Celebration

Housing Unlimited
May 2023
07:00 PM EDT
May 2023
12:00 PM EDT
GOAL $10,000.00
97.7% To Goal



A Wide Variety of Items * NEW ITEMS ADDED DAILY! * Rare Finds: Concludes at May 31 at 12noon.

Housing Unlimited's virtual auction is vital to help cover the cost of housing maintenance and repairs for 87 properties. Maintenance fees range from large essential purchases (like a new water heater) to smaller fixtures (like installing handicap railing in one of our bathrooms). A huge thank you to the generous donors and hard-working volunteers who contributed to this auction. We encourage the Housing Unlimited community to support these businesses in the future.

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About Housing Unlimited:

Housing Unlimited provides affordable, independent housing for adults in mental health recovery in Montgomery County, Maryland. The organization promotes independence and recovery by providing a stable and comfortable home. With the security of knowing that their housing is secure, our tenants can focus on becoming valued and integrated members of the community.

We provide shared housing through 87 single family two and three bedroom townhouses, and we rent them at below-market rates to qualified individuals. Rent is computed on a sliding scale based on income and is capped to encourage employment and maintain a sense of security. Tenants are responsible for their own health, finances, interpersonal relationships, and maintaining a clean home.

We encourage our tenants to succeed in their independence by providing concrete incentives such as rent credits for getting involved in the community. We also provide paid intern opportunities so that tenants can gain work experience.

Many of the people that we serve come to Housing Unlimited from homeless shelters, supervised residential programs, or the homes of their aging parents.

Housing Unlimited must continue acquiring new homes to meet the needs of adults in mental health recovery who are seeking a permanent, affordable, and independent place to live. We can’t grow fast enough to meet the increasing needs of the community.

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