Wayne Cachia Budgies - 2023 Sale

Wayne Cachia (WC2)
August 2023
07:00 PM AEST
August 2023
08:00 PM AEST

About Our Auction

Excess birds from the Aviary of Wayne Cachia. Flying way too many and need to clear some space for 2023 birds. These are birds left after Auctions, most are 2022 birds which have not been used.
Some Birds are Buy It now and some Auction.
Most birds aimed at Beginner and Intermediate breeders at a reasonable price.

About Wayne Cachia (WC2)

Selling some excess Birds making room for 2023 young. Some birds will be for set price and some will be at Auction.
Bit of background on me.
I am a Champion breeder based in Werribee. Victoria.
I've won 13 Victorian State Shows, 1 Diploma and 1 UBC Diploma. I've had several birds represent Victoria at National level. Best results being 2nd in Spangle Normal and Albino, 3rd in Fallow's and 4th in Albino's.

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