2024 Breeder's Incentive Stallion Auction

World's Richest Breakaway
February 2024
08:00 AM MST
March 2024
08:03 PM MDT

About Our Auction

The Breeder’s Incentive Program was developed to promote the horsepower at the World’s Richest Breakaway held annually in May in Billings, MT. The stallion auction will open February 15th and close March 29th at 8pm MST. Bidding will be in US funds ONLY. There will be a three minute extension to allow time for everyone to bid, if two or more people are bidding on the same stallion service, within the last three minutes of the auction closing. The bidding will automatically continue in increments of three minutes until only one person is bidding. The stallions that are extended will be noted.

About World's Richest Breakaway

The stallion auction is the primary fundraiser for the World's Richest Breakaway held annually in May. The proceeds of this auction go towards the added money for the World's Richest Breakaway as well as the Breeder's Incentive side pot. Our goal is to promote stallions and their progeny and to reward all parties involved in raising these equine athletes – from the stallion owners to the jockeys.
We are thrilled with the continuous support and growth of our event and hope to make every year better than the year before.

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