Family Funday for Tristan Silent Auction

Family Funday For Tristan
August 2022
12:00 PM EDT
October 2022
05:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

All of the proceeds from this auction will go to the Naylor family to support Tristan and his journey toward full recovery.

About Family Funday For Tristan


For those of you that know the Naylor Family, you know that they are the first to step up and provide support of any kind in a time of need. Whether it be through a simple phone call of encouragement to a friend or donating time & resources to a cause, The Naylor's are ALWAYS there for their friends, family & the community. Now, they need our help.

Last month, Dawn and Matt received the news that no parent wants to hear: their son Tristan was diagnosed with leukemia (a type of blood cancer). Tristan has two forms of leukemia: the exceedingly rare (especially in children) CML with combined B cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. The news came as a shock as Tristan was not presenting any symptoms. He was running cross country for DHS up until a week before his diagnosis. Blood work gathered at his routine annual physical indicated a possible problem. He was supposed to go to Nashville with his family to celebrate he and his dad’s birthday. Instead… the call from his pediatrician recommended Tristan should go immediately to Boston Children’s Hospital. Tristan grabbed a bag of comfy clothes and his favorite books and headed out. No one realized that he would not be coming back home for months.

Tristan just celebrated his 15th birthday in July and was looking forward to spending the rest of his summer playing video games, reading his favorite Japanese Manga novels, and running in preparation for his freshman year on the Duxbury HS track team. When he is not doing any of those activities, Tristan can be found in the "music room" playing his drums and discovering more songs to add to his ever-growing Spotify playlist.

The road ahead for Tristan will be long and difficult, and we are praying for a full recovery. He will require two rounds of chemotherapy (4 weeks each, each requiring hospitalization), then a bone marrow transplant and then isolation for 6 months.

Like most parents, the Naylor’s were not prepared for this. There will be considerable expenses in Tristan’s care and to make sure their home is safe when he does eventually come home.

The Naylor's hugely appreciate all your love & support! Thank you to our dear friends and family!

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