Trinity 5K Auction 2018

Trinity Academy
April 2018
12:00 PM EDT
April 2018
09:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

Trinity Academy is a community of faith and learning whose mission is to equip students to live with wisdom, excellence, and purpose in the modern world by offering an education grounded in the Christian faith and the classical tradition. Community is highly valued at Trinity Academy and parents are actively involved in the classrooms and on campus. Trinity Academy offers a safe and nurturing environment where we encourage students to ask tough questions, all the while not telling students what to think, but teaching them how to think. Trinity Academy graduates are equipped to shape future generations with culture-transforming, Christian worldview thinking.

About Trinity Academy

Trinity is a community of faith and learning where parents are involved in their child’s education and where students feel safe and nurtured and are encouraged to ask tough questions. At Trinity, we don’t merely tell our students what to think, we teach them how to think. We want Trinity graduates to be culture changers whose faith and knowledge intersect throughout their daily lives.

We are committed to maintaining an environment where students, staff and families live according to biblical standards of behavior, with an emphasis upon developing quality relationships.

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