Tom Hendry Awards 2018

Playwrights Guild of Canada
October 2018
01:00 PM EDT
October 2018
09:36 PM EDT
GOAL $5,000.00
60.5% To Goal

About Our Auction

The Tom Hendry Awards are an opportunity to celebrate the talent of Canadian playwrights across the country. We offer cash prizes (in some cases, along with publishing opportunities and mentorships) to our recipients for the Carol Bolt, Stage West Pechet Family Musical, Stage West Pechet Family Comedy, TYA Award, and RBC Emerging Playwright awards.
This online auction coincides with our silent auction at our live event, meaning that we can offer bidding opportunities not just to attendees of the ceremony, but to anyone interested in our exciting items!

About Playwrights Guild of Canada

Playwrights Guild of Canada is a registered national arts service association mandated to advance the creative rights and interests of professional Canadian playwrights, promote Canadian plays nationally and internationally, and foster an active, evolving community of writers for the stage.

PGC is an organization that:
- Is a registered charity;
- Is inclusive and representative (geography, diverse backgrounds, age, stage of development, gender and sexual orientation);
- Maintains the standards and practices of the profession;
- Affirms the importance of playwriting as an art;
- Safeguards freedom of expression in Canadian theatres;
- Contributes to the development of the art form;
- Strives to remain relevant within the larger community.

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Live Event Information

The Live Silent Auction during the Tom Hendry Awards on October 28, 2018 will take place at the Arts and Letters Club in Toronto. It will conclude at 9:30pm.