Zoe Ligon's Clone-A-Pussy Plus+ Sleeve

Zoe Ligon
December 2019
09:00 AM CST
December 2019
11:45 PM CST

About Our Auction

Part of what's weird about having a vulva is that you can't easily see it with your own two eyes -- it requires a hand mirror (or y'know, a silicone mold of your genitals) to really get acquainted with it. I didn't get a good gander at my genitals, or even touch them, until I was 18. It was even later that I realized how much vulvas and labia vary!

10 years later, I am still learning about my body. My lips and vaginal opening look different in shape and color than they did a decade ago, and I now realize that's just a part of being alive -- things change, and change is beautiful. And as much as I love my body and my genitals, looking at a mold of my vulva for the first time in front of my face instead of via a hand mirror made me feel like I was 18 again. Have there always been so many skin folds there? Why does my clit wander off to the side like that? Have I done something that's changed or damaged my body?!! All the questions people ask me as a sex educator suddenly became renewed, personal queries.

Once I sat with those feelings, I remembered my own insight I've communicated to others countless times but somehow failed to internalize myself; genitals are incredibly bizarre while simultaneously being the most sexy, beautiful things on this planet. Perhaps it's the strangeness of our unique genitals that makes them so exquisite! Our genitals, which evoke feelings of vulnerability regardless of what genital configuration you have, are simply an external facade of the beauty and pleasure beyond them. They deserve our unconditional love! When genitals are attached to an amazing person, then those genitals are also equally amazing.

So, I present to you a one of a kind masturbation sleeve with my vulva adorning the exterior. Whoever you are, generous winner, I hope you enjoy my vulnerable facade, because I enjoyed the process of creating it for you.

The entire sum of the winning bid will be donated to SWOP Behind Bars (SBB). Sex work is not a crime, and many people I love are sex workers. This donation will help SBB call attention to – and work hard to deescalate – the violence, stigma, and discrimination that occur against sex workers that are perpetuated by the criminalization of prostitution.

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