2022 TSP Online Auction (Week 4)

The Summit Project
November 2022
At Midnight EST
November 2022
At Midnight EST
GOAL $1,500.00
76.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

We are a 100% unpaid, all-volunteer run program and we need your help to continue this important work. We know that The Summit Project inspires service, strengthens our communities, and changes lives, but we are not without overhead costs. Funds raised during this event will be utilized to help drive forward with our TSP mission in 2023!

Maine Heroes Are NOT Forgotten!

About The Summit Project

We carry their stone for a hike; We carry their story for a lifetime.”

The mission of TSP is to honor to our state's post-9/11 fallen service members and, through education, fellowship, and physical activity, provide assurance to their families that these sacrifices will never be forgotten.

Unlike any project in America, TSP allows Maine communities to honor our fallen heroes through action. Surviving families unearth and donate stones that uniquely represent their loved ones. Volunteers discover the lives of our heroes and then carry these stones and their stories on treks throughout Maine and across the world. We literally share the burden shouldered by our fallen heroes and their families. Each participant must (1) learn about the fallen hero they choose to honor; (2) carry his/her tribute stone through a physical challenge, trek, or adventure; and (3) compose a post-event reflection letter addressed to his/her surviving family.

Already, TSP stones and stories have been shared on Katahdin, Cadillac, Kilimanjaro, Everest, Denali and been carried through parades, marathons and marches all throughout Maine, across the country, and around the world. Our heroes’ memories remain alive. TSP builds and bolsters our communities by intersecting the lives of the fallen, their families and the faithful.

TSP has also revealed the character of both Maine and America -- A character of service, integrity and loyalty. As Americans, we look after one another, we remember one another, we make sacrifices for one another, we are faithful to each other and we carry each other to higher places, both literally and figuratively.

Through TSP we are able to carry on the unfinished work of our fallen heroes toward creating a safer, sounder more just America. It is a living memorial that has changed the way an entire state pays tribute to their post 9/11 fallen service members while also inspiring service, strengthening communities and changing lives.

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