The Power of Restoration

GROW Assembly
March 2020
06:00 AM AEDT
March 2020
10:00 PM AEDT
GOAL $3,000.00
80.3% To Goal

About Our Auction

It's a challenging time.
Whilst you may want nothing more than to post up at a bar somewhere and have a couple of glasses, that option is looking increasingly unavailable.
Fear, valid as it is, is stopping people from going out.
This is going to have a crippling effect on thousands of small businesses, whose staff cannot work from home and whose livelihood is dependant on on people walking in their door.
People may lose their jobs and their very workplace.

GROW Assembly has purchased $150 gift vouchers from the following independently-owned restaurants -

Provenance (Victoria)
Igni (Victoria)
Brae (Victoria)
Fleet (NSW)
Lankan Filling Station (NSW)
Café Paci (NSW)
Pipit (NSW)
Stillwater (TAS)
The Summertown Aristologist (SA)
Leigh Street Wine Room (SA)

We will be auctioning them here.
We're not doing this to make money, so we'll then take the money and do it again, with a different set of restaurants.
We'll keep doing this until we can't sell the vouchers, and then we'll probably give them away.
It's a small thing, and we wish we could do more, but it's a start.

Consider it an investment in the restaurants future.
Because when things return to normal (and they will), we will all be in need of some restoration, from a restaurant.

First things first - stay healthy. Listen to the scientists and to those enforcing regulations.
But....we need ways to try and make sure these businesses will be there for us in a month, or two, or three, or however long it is. Because we will get through this.
And when we do, head to the bar, with a full heart and an empty stomach.

So dig deep and help ensure our vibrant, passionate hospitality industry continues to tick.

About GROW Assembly

GROW Assembly is a platform for education and inspiration for the  hospitality industry.  Our main focus is engaging events for anyone involved in food, beverage or the art of hospitality.
In these trying times however we are searching for other ways to support our local hospitality community. This auction is our primary attempt at keeping these great businesses healthy, as well as the general populace.

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