Chris Kyle "The Legend" by Bowtech

August 2015
07:00 AM PDT
September 2015
08:00 PM PDT

Chris Kyle "The Legend" by Bowtech

Here's your chance to own a piece of history and support our courageous military and first responders.

Chris Kyle - the American Sniper - was a true hero. Through four tours, he served and protected his fellow military members and his country, becoming one of the most decorated Navy SEALs in US history. Chris sadly lost his life in 2013 while pursuing his post-deployment passion of helping his fellow military members re-patriate after their service.

Today, his legacy lives on through the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation (, an organization dedicated to supporting the families of our military and first responders.

Bowtech (, manufacturer of the world's finest compound bows and archery equipment, is partnering with the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation to provide financial support for its programs through the sales of Chris Kyle "The Legend" products, including a new high performance bow available only through Bowtech dealers.

The first Chris Kyle "The Legend" Bow - CK0001 - was presented to his widow, Taya. Now you have the opportunity to own CK0002 with 100 percent of proceeds from this auction going to the foundation.

About Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

The Chris Kyle Frog Foundation provides meaningful, interactive experiences to service members, first responders and their families, aimed at enriching their family relationships. The experiences provided by the foundation are designed to give those it is assisting the opportunity to reconnect and remember what they love about each other, thus empowering families to thrive.

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