Film Festival Submission Fees

The Dinner Short Film Fundraising Team
February 2015
02:00 PM EST
March 2015
11:00 PM EDT
GOAL $500.00
50.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Entering a film into film festivals requires capital because there is an application fee for each festival. Our goal is to submit The Dinner to 10-20 area film festivals in the Short Film category. That will require $500-1,000 therefore we are fund raising :-)

Since we are independent film makers we must raise all the capital we need for this process as well as promoting the film to distributors.

Please feel free to participate in our online auction or you can donate directly through this campaign.


About The Dinner Short Film Fundraising Team

The Dinner Short Film is an independent film by Crazy Daisy Films and AJ Epyx Productions. Inspired by Hitchcock classics the film has a sinister undertone as it slowly alludes to a lurking, deadly secret that will be exposed.

The FundRaising team hosts events and online auctions in an effort to raise application fees to enter The Dinner Short Film into area film festivals as well as promote the film to distribution channels.

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