Online Auction 2022

October 2022
07:30 AM EDT
October 2022
06:03 PM EDT
GOAL $15,000.00
124.7% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Welcome to our annual silent auction where there is something for everyone, from delicious food items to treats for readers, gift certificates for travel, home renovations and more.

Spend time browsing all of the items or USE THE FILTER BUTTON to help you search by categories such as ART, GIFT CERTIFICATES or TRAVEL. Go to All Items at the top of the page and use the arrows to filter.

And yes, you can buy the item now by clicking on the BUY IT NOW button.

Check out our Marketplace items (select Marketplace under Filter). Please note that Marketplace items are fixed price items, often with multiples available.

Also, consider supporting TEMBO's work with GIFTS FOR LONGIDO. When you purchase a bundle of pink T-shirts, a healthy sanitation kit, books for children, materials for the Outreach Program and/or a sewing machine for a new businesswoman, you will be making an immediate difference in the life of the community. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for the purchase of these items.

And remember - 100% of proceeds from the auction will go directly to support our programs in Longido, Tanzania.


TEMBO is a Canadian federally incorporated registered charity supporting women and girls in northern Tanzania.

Founded in 2004, TEMBO (Canada) has been providing essential support to girls’ education in northern Tanzania, a rural area that is in the heart of the Maasai culture. TEMBO also empowers women through micro-finance loans and goat projects. As well, TEMBO supports the community through Learning in Longido, a library and resource centre that is accessible to the whole community.

This region faces significant economic and environmental hardship. Living under such extreme poverty, families cannot afford to send their children to school and girls are often left behind. According to UNICEF (2017), one third of all girls in Tanzania are married by the age of 18, but girls from poor families are twice as likely to be married early. Since 2004, TEMBO has sponsored more than 510 girls to attend secondary school and more than 130 girls for vocational training and teacher education programs.

TEMBO is a volunteer-based organization and 100% of proceeds from the auction go directly to our projects in Tanzania!


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