NAU's 4th Annual Student Water Symposium

Student Water Symposium
April 2021
07:00 AM MST
April 2021
08:03 PM MST
GOAL $1,000.00
71.1% To Goal

About Our Auction

The funds raised from this silent auction will help make our second year of hosting this event successful and to ensure its viability as we continue to build and grow this as an anticipated annual event.

About Student Water Symposium

Water affects all sectors. It irrigates crops, provides habitat for wildlife, quenches thirst, produces energy, supports economic growth, has religious significance, and inspires the arts. As a flow resource that impacts the interconnected cultural, economic, and environmental facets of life with rippling effects, we must address the growing demands and challenges facing this vital resource.

The Student Water Symposium is an annual student organized event established in 2018. At the SWS: Undergraduate and graduate students from all disciplines can share their research and collaborate on water resources issues.

Our publicly accessible venue brings together the campus and greater Flagstaff community to engage in important discussions about water.
Keynote speakers, film screenings, and panel discussions cover topics of current concern on the water planet.

Students receive feedback on presentation techniques and content from water professionals who volunteer their expertise and time.
We aim to encourage NAU students to engage in interdisciplinary collaborative solutions to water related problems, both while at the university and in the professional world.

Proceeds from the silent auction support the event and contribute to a newly established scholarship to support student research related to water.

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