ChocoAuction: Support St. Croix Chocolate Company

March 2020
03:00 PM CDT
March 2020
01:03 PM CDT
GOAL $2,250.00
105.8% REACHED!

ChocoAuction: Support St. Croix Chocolate Company

The purpose of this auction is to help raise operating expenses for St. Croix Chocolate Company during the COVID-19 pandemic. Income has dropped significantly since our customers have practiced social distancing. We need to pay our vendors (many of whom are also small businesses), keep insurance on the building, and continue to order ingredients necessary to make our fine chocolates. We also hope to bring a smile to our customers' faces as they are reminded of the colorful chocolates we create.

About St. Croix Chocolate Co.

St. Croix Chocolate Company has been making fine, fresh and beautiful artisan chocolates since 2010 in the village of Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota. Using a balance of science and art, chocolatier Robyn Dochterman's creations are visually stunning with sensuous, and deliciously-dreamy flavors, and are well-reviewed and well-awarded on the national and international level.

This auction is intended to showcase some of the stunning work that SCCC does during Spring and Easter season, especially now that fewer people are out and about and able to visit the shop (which is still open at 11 Judd Street in Marine on St. Croix).

Your support helps us stay in business. Thank you.

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