Roosevelt Middle School (Showcase Roosevelt)

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May 2018
08:00 AM PDT
May 2018
08:30 AM PDT

About Our Auction

All money raised from the online auction will go towards funding RMS activities. Auction winnings need to be paid for by cash or check and can be picked up in the RMS office.

About Roosevelt Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School strives to provide for student growth in academic and social skills, as well as opportunities to develop empathy, citizenship, and a sense of responsibility. These "North Stars", as they are referred to by teaching staff, help focus collaborative work together on facilitating the best possible character development for our students. The Roosevelt Middle School North Stars are...

1. To Foster Academic And Social Skills for Success
2. To Develop Empathy, Citizenship, a Sense of Responsibility and Visions for the Future.
3. To Work to Narrow Social Disparities, Open Doors to Diversity and 4. To Explore Who They Are
5. To Develop Enthusiasm About Learning That’s Relevant and Authentic

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