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Shining C Grulla Horses 2023 Gracie Benefit

Shining C Grulla Horses
November 2023
10:00 AM CST
December 2023
08:03 PM CST

Shining C Grulla Horses 2023 Gracie Benefit

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100% of the proceeds of this auction will go towards Gracie's vet bill at the Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital in Aubrey, Texas. Visitors always welcome!!

I named Gracie because I felt like she was here by the Grace of God. Which is true for all of them but Gracie was an embryo transfer foal, out of Blackberry Whiskey, who I bred and raised and owned both parents of. Parents who are both now deceased (Reeds Poco Vandyke x Zebs Blue Revenue). She's by our stallion, Black Gotta Gun, who we imported from Italy in March of 2022. His very first foals in the United States were born this year (2023) and Gracie is one of them. She is also the one and only foal out of Blackberry Whiskey, who also happens to be my heart horse and personal riding horse, show horse, sheriff posse horse and my princess. After a long season I felt so blessed to get a healthy embryo and the 9 month waiting game began. When Gracie was born I had been hoping for a filly, which is exactly what I was blessed with!! A perfect combination of her parents, with her mother's stunning grulla color, splash white from her dad and the build and disposition from them both!! A true miracle, gift from God. As Gracie grew older it was obvious that she was special. She has so much personality and every day I got more and more excited for the day I would be able to ride her!
All of that came to a screeching halt when I got the phone call every horse owner dreads, Gracie had broken her leg in a freak accident. I felt like my heart had stopped. When I found out how bad it was I was fearing the worst and was preparing myself to say goodbye to my miracle baby but something inside me told me she was up for the fight for her life! With Dr Kevin Claunch on the phone we got her leg stabilized and loaded her and her surrogate mom Blackie to head to the Weems & Stephen's Equine Hospital. Upon arrival Dr Kevin X-rayed the leg and warned me about how bad it was but if I was willing to jump in with both feet that he was too! So without hesitation he prepped her for surgery. About 5 hours later I got the call that dropped me to my knees and put me back in tears, only this time, in a good way. Gracie was up and walking on her leg!!! I've known since the moment she was born that she was special and God put her on this earth for a reason. I can't thank Dr Kevin enough, as well as the outstanding team at Shining C Grulla Horses who helped to get Gracie stable and on the trailer to the hospital.
After several surgeries, plates, screws and now 4 months in the hospital Gracie is doing FANTASTIC!! She still has a long recovery ahead of her and another surgery to remove the last plate in her leg but she is now enjoying hand walking and limited turn out! She is no longer in a cast and her weekly x rays look better and better! Her attitude has continued to be amazing as she takes everything in stride and enjoys her life. Her positivity is something we can all learn from and everyone who meets her just loves her!! Dr Kevin is planning to take the last plate out of her leg around Christmas and hopefully, God willing, she may be able to come home in January!

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