Serenity Soccer-Fest 2020 Auction

Serenity Inc
August 2020
01:00 PM PDT
August 2020
05:00 PM PDT
GOAL $15,000.00
9.9% To Goal

About Our Auction

Serenity typically hosts an annual soccer tournament where we hold a silent auction. This year, we are taking the auction online!

We have 14 different wonderful items to bid on.

About Serenity Inc

Serenity is a non-profit foster and adoption agency. Our mission is to break the cycle of abuse through early intervention programs for child victims and their biological family. Serenity’s goal is to provide healing to children and restoration to families through the provision of treatment, resources and quality care. Serenity demonstrates through its programming that abused infants and very young children can overcome attachment and bonding issues, developmental delays, and emotional scarring using therapeutic strategies in a healthy nurturing environment. Serenity provides quality foster care homes for abused, abandoned and neglected children in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

Serenity supports the Continuum of Care Reform vision that seeks for all children to live with a committed, permanent and nurturing family with strong community connections. In most instances, reunifying with their biological family is the primary goal. When it appears that reunification efforts have failed, Serenity supports establishing a concurrent plan identifying a secondary permanent home meeting the needs of the child. In support of this philosophy, Serenity became licensed as an Adoption Agency in 2006 to “dually prepare” foster parents for adoption of the children placed in their home, if reunification is not possible.

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