SPRING Into Reading 2019

April 2019
07:00 AM EDT
May 2019
09:00 PM EDT
GOAL $3,000.00
50.0% To Goal

About Our Auction

Want to have fun, support kids in poverty, AND find a good deal? Our auction is the place for all three!
SPRING into Reading 2019 runs 12 days: April 26 - May 7.

STRIDES Tutoring is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the academic needs of student ages 7-20 who are struggling in school. We work with 200+ children and youth annually at 7 locations. We Solve Learning Problems!

We are a 501(c)3 with the IRS, a charity under South Carolina, and an agency supported by United Way.
Goods and services offered as-is.
Winning bids tax-deductible to the extent allowed by IRS.
If you pay more than fair market value, the difference is considered a charitable donation.
Thank you for your support!

About STRIDEStutor

STRIDES Tutoring is a nonprofit helping students ages 7-20 who are struggling in school. We work with 350+ children and youth annually at up to 8 locations. Money raised is deposited in the Scholarship Fund for kids in poverty. All of our work is one-on-one—We Solve Learning Problems!

At the end of the auction, you may pick up your items at the Main Office:
109 New Perry Rd
Greenville, SC 29617
Payment is preferred by either check or cash, but if you desire to pay online, go to https://stridestutor.org/donate/
Items may if shipped, at cost.

info@STRIDEStutor.org (Dr. Gail Everett)
4wildcat@yahoo.com (Frances McKeague)
Donations welcome at www.STRIDEStutor.org/donate/

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