Romancing the Vote 2024

Romancing the Vote
July 2024
09:00 AM EDT
July 2024
08:10 PM EDT
GOAL $175,673.00
107.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Romancing the Vote is back for 2024. We're working to raise money for voting organizations Fair Fight & VoteRiders! In 2020 & 2022, the community raised over $750,000 for voting organizations. How close can we get to $1,000,000? Let's find out!

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Anyone! Please pay attention to which items ship within the US only, but plenty of our donors offer global shipping, and many consults can be enjoyed via the internet!

When we send out payment information, we will invite friends who are not US Citizens to use a specific payment link that will let the organizations earmark the money for non-political causes (like helping pay off medical debt!)

About Romancing the Vote

We are romance authors, readers, and fans who care about the future of this country and are inspired by fellow romance author Stacey Abrams to do what we can to preserve the right to vote. Democracy only thrives when every vote can be cast and counted, and we are fighting to help dismantle the legacy of voter suppression across the country.

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