Publishing Fundraiser for Georgia's Senate Race!

Publishing Fundraiser for Raphael Warnock
November 2022
09:00 AM EST
November 2022
12:25 PM EST
GOAL $6,000.00
210.2% REACHED!

About Our Auction


Raphael Warnock (D-GA) is going into a run-off race on December 6, 2022. Though Democrats now control the senate, this race is still critically important.

1) Georgia needs our help: Our friends there should have the best Senator possible to represent their interests.

2) We need a larger senate majority: Warnock could provide the 51-49 advantage, so even if Manchin or Sinema break with the party, Harris could still cast a tie-breaking vote.

3) Looking forward to 2024: An additional senate seat safe for the next 6 years--giving us at least one more seat safe during 2024's election.

Let's help our friends in Georgia elect the best candidate, Raphael Warnock. We've got a great selection of portfolio reviews, editorial critiques, handmade items, original illustrations, signed books, and more! My deepest thanks to all the donors & bidders.

All proceeds will go directly to Warnock's campaign. If you're not interested in bidding, please consider donating directly to his campaign site. Thank you so much!

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