The Quest for Queena

The Quest for Queena
April 2015
08:00 AM EDT
May 2015
10:13 PM EDT
GOAL $3,000.00
125.5% REACHED!

About Our Auction

Calling all bookworms and writers! This is an auction you won't want to miss.
We are excited to present various items from authors and publishing professionals from around the globe. Signed books, ebook bundles, publishing services, critiques, design, and more!
Items up for bid will be open to any and all bidders. Please note that some items will be for U.S. residents only, due to postage constraints.
Authors have come together to support this amazing young woman, Queena, of, who inspires others every day. The auction will last for three days, at which time the highest bidder will win the item, and the auction will close. In the meantime, bidders may continue to outbid each other by raising the USD amount as often as they like.

Please join us on Friday, May 1, on Facebook for a wrap-up party, where bidding winners will be announced! Join here:

About The Quest for Queena

We are authors and publishing professionals from around the globe raising funds and awareness of violence against women for Queena--the Bloomingdale Library victim. Back in 2008, Queena was a vibrant eighteen-year-old with a full scholarship to her dream college and her whole life ahead of her. She was returning books to the local library when she was beaten, brutally raped, and left for dead in the swamps behind the library. Queena suffered multiple brain injuries and has lost all motor skills, including speech, vision, the ability to walk, talk, or feed herself.
Now, seven years later, she still requires round-the-clock care and is confined to a wheelchair, but she makes strides every year and can communicate with eye movement and various sounds. Medical expenses and therapy cost over $70K every year, and we want to show Queena how proud we are of her for never giving up.
The Quest for Queena is hosted by and will have various reader and writer related items up for bid. 100% of the proceeds will go to Queena and her family for the therapy that helps Queena progress each new year.

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