Pints for Pomperaug River

Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition
May 2024
06:30 PM EDT
May 2024
03:00 PM EDT

About Our Auction

The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition Auction raises important funds to support student internships, watershed monitoring and restoration initiatives, environmental outreach programs, science-based development of and advocacy for sustainable water and land use policies, and other vital work to protect your rivers and drinking water.

This auction will run online until the beginning of PRWC's Pints for Pomperaug Fundraising Event (5:30pm May 29th, 2024), at which point the online auction will transition into a live auction. Proxy bids can be set online for those who are unable to attend the live auction at PRWC's fundraising event.

About Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition

The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition (PRWC) mission is to promote clean water and sustainable use of water in our watershed, both groundwater and water in the river, by reaching out through education and fostering a science based understanding of the water resources that we all depend on.

PRWC accomplishes its mission by employing the latest science to advance best management of the watershed and by creating a partnership of local governments, businesses, private individuals, scientists and environmental groups who work collaboratively with regional, state, and federal agencies to protect the health and vibrancy of the Pomperaug Watershed.

In addition to its research and collaborative activities, PRWC develops practical water management tools for use by municipalities, offers an online resource center for residents and other stakeholders, engages numerous volunteers in citizen science projects and conducts classroom and field-based educational activities for children and youth. PRWC has evolved into a nationally recognized model for scientific investigation, municipal assistance, stakeholder collaboration, community education, and volunteer engagement.

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Live Event Information

This online auction transitions to a live event taking place on May 29, 2024. In order to give us time to print bid sheets for the live event, the online bidding will close at 3:00 PM. The live auction ends at 7:45 PM on Wednesday May 29, 2024 to give us time to check out the winners before the end of the fundraiser.

Pints for Pomperaug River
Wednesday May 29, 2024
5:30 to 8:30 PM
Black Hog Brewing Co.
115 Hurley Rd. 9A
Oxford, CT 06478