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For the Love of Aria
April 2024
09:00 AM MDT
May 2024
05:26 PM MDT
GOAL $25,000.00
119.9% REACHED!

About Our Auction

40 wild horses from the McCullough Peaks Herd have been rounded up and removed from their home in McCullough Peaks Wyoming. 39 wild horses are age 5 months to 15 years (plus 2 foals born last week!) are now awaiting adoption at the BLM Rock Springs corrals in Rock Springs, Wyoming. Gina at For the Love of Aria is coordinating with sanctuaries and individuals interested in providing a place for these wild horses, and organizing funds raised to help these horses get a soft landing. The money will go with the horses to people and organizations asking for help once adopted. The Bureau of Land Management public online adoption for the mares is scheduled for May 6 - 13, 2024 and for the geldings will be in July 8-15, 2024.
This auction is dedicated to the wild stallion Thor of McCullough Peaks, whose spirit now flies forever free.

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About For the Love of Aria

For the Love of Aria gives young Mustangs a solid foundation of care and training as they navigate successful transitions away from the wild. We also prioritize advocating for these at-risk horses.
We BELIEVE it takes a collaborative community to facilitate change and help America’s Mustangs. We will provide education, resources, and support to the humans making a difference for these beloved horses.

This auction is to support the 39 wild horses that were rounded up and removed from the McCullough Peaks Herd in February and March of 2024 and that are waiting for an adoption event. They are currently housed at the BLM's Rock Springs corrals in Wyoming. The tentative online auction date for the horses is May 6 - 13, 2024.

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